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The High Cost Of Having A Car In London .....

Although having a car can make getting around easier, the cost of owning a car in London can be quite expensive. In addition to the cost of purchasing and insuring your vehicle, you will also need to pay for gas, tolls, and parking.

Furthermore, using a car has an impact on the environment as well as your wallet. Here are some financial costs you need to keep in mind if you are thinking about purchasing a car to use in London.

The Price Of Petrol

Gasoline, or petrol as it is known in the UK, is expensive in London. You will not be able to take impromptu road trips or go on a relaxing afternoon drive unless you have enough disposable income. If you are planning to use a car to commute, gas will need to be factored into your monthly budget.

Driving In The City Has A Cost

In addition to paying for gas, you will need to pay congestion charges if you drive in central London. These fees are designed to reduce the amount of traffic in central London. You can pay a smaller fee if you own an environmentally friendly vehicle. Outside on the city, you will also need to pay tolls.

Storing And Parking Your Vehicle in London

Parking your car during the day adds to the cost of having a vehicle in the city of London. If you work in central London and you plan to drive daily to your job, price out your parking options before you commit to purchasing a vehicle. Instead of driving into the city for work, many commuters park at a tube or subway stop in the suburbs and then take the underground into the heart of the city.

For most working individuals, this option makes the most financial sense. By using public transportation for your daily commute, you can avoid many of the costs associated with owning a car in London.

The Cost To The Environment

Finally, when you are thinking about the cost of having a car in London, you should also consider the environmental cost of driving a vehicle. The carbon released by your vehicle can contribute to climate change and other environmental damage. You can reduce your environmental impact by driving judiciously. Combine errands, walk when you can, and avoid idling in heavy traffic if possible.

Even if you own a car, you should still take advantage of London's public transportation options whenever it is possible and convenient. Being environmentally responsible can also save you money, as walking is free and taking public transportation is certainly less expensive than using a car in the city of London.

When he's not reading about the latest auto news, Miles Walker looks at auto insurance comparisons over at CarinsuranceComparison.Org. His latest article reviewed Texas car insurance.

For more information about the London Congestion Charge CLICK HERE

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