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Information from holiday autos

holiday autos is the world's largest and leading leisure car hire broker with fully inclusive car rental in over 4000 locations worldwide. Established in 1987, their aim is to make your car hire experience as easy and stress-free as possible. They search the world for the best car hire companies and the best prices so that you don't have to.

They offer fully-inclusive pre-paid car hire - so our price is the price; no aWhatever your reason for hiring a van, holiday autos recommends you review their tips, guidance and recommendations to ensure your van hire rental is as simple, trouble free and enjoyable as possible.

Selecting your van:

Remember to measure the height of the objects that you wish to transport as well as the width and ensure that the van type you choose will be sufficient to accommodate these objects.

•Always remember to check how many people you need to help lift the contents into the van and ensure there are enough seats to accommodate everyone! Every passenger must have a seat and seat belt. And extra passengers can never be transported in the back of the van

•Ask advice about driving the van, particularly if it's your first time driving a van or a diesel engine. You may need to use more power when in lower gears and depending on your van type you may be able to get into higher gears faster. Your rental agent will be able to advise you on the safest way to drive your van and if you are unsure at any point, why not ask if the rental agent has enough time to drive round the block with you before you start your journey.

Driving your van:

Make sure that you have adjusted your van seat for your comfort and ensure that you are wearing suitable footwear. You need to wear something that is both comfortable to drive in and also is suitable for whatever you are using the van for.

•While you may have adjusted your rear view mirror while the van is empty, you also may want to check it again when you have filled the van up.

Take notice of any road restriction notices such as such as low bridges or even weight controlled streets whilst driving.

•Make sure that you are fully aware of the height and width of your van, especially when driving near low bridges, car parks, motorway toll booths and low hanging trees.

•While vans have more powerful engines than most cars, they are also heavier. This can affect the braking distances (especially when fully loaded) so avoid stopping abruptly and be especially aware of blind spots when changing lanes.

•Your van is longer and wider than a car so will need a wider turning radius. It would be sensible to make turns much more slowly and always use your mirrors to help you when reversing.

Parking your van:

It is worth ensuring that the area where you are driving to and parking your van has ample space for your van.

•Make sure your van is locked and the contents secure when you are not in the vehicle.

•Be aware of any parking restrictions and if you are travelling through or across London you might be liable for the congestion charge – it's worth checking before you leave.

•Please make sure that you know how far your van doors open before you park your van.

Make your van hire experience as easy as possible:

Just remember these 5 general van hire driving advice tips for a hassle free journey

1.Plan your journey and allow enough time to get to your final destination – use the holiday autos route planner to help you map out the fastest or shortest route for your travels

2.Be sure to check the weather before you leave and you’ll be more prepared. Driving in wet, windy or icy conditions will require a lot more concentration.

3.Check the van has a full tank of petrol before you start your journey.

4.Familiarise yourself with your van and keep any emergency breakdown numbers to hand.

5.Remember to lock your van when it is not attended.

The above information has been supplied by a third party and jml Property Services ( / jml Property / jml takes no responsibilty for it's accuracy - February 2010

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